Find FoxFarm Products at your local Taylor's Do it Center

FoxFarm’s soil and plant foods are greenhouse tested, which ensures each product they produce is high quality and consistent across the board. We’re excited to carry these high quality planting products for all of our Hampton Roads gardening fanatics. 

We also love that FoxFarm is family-owned and operated, just like Taylor’s Do it Center is! Learn more about FoxFarm’s story in the video below. 

Below are some of our favorite FoxFarm products we carry, all of which you can find at your local Taylor’s Do it Center. We know you will love these items as much as we do! 

Happy Frog Potting Soil 

One favorite from FoxFarm’s potting soil line is their Happy Frog Potting Soil. This soil has an emphasis on microbes which assists in elevating root efficiency and overall nutrient intake. This soil is best for contained or potted plants (whether indoor or outdoor) and will help your plants thrive from the start. 

Happy Frog Potting soil uses aged forest products to increase their soils nutritious make up, which includes earthworm castings and sphagnum peat moss. We carry this potting soil at Taylor’s in a 12 quart size. 

Ocean Forest Potting Soil 

Another one of FoxFarm’s popular potting soils is their Ocean Forest line. This potting soil uses fish emulsion and crab meal, in addition to the forest products in the Happy Frog line.  This gives your plants a renown blend of ocean and forest. 

Both Happy Frog and Ocean Forest potting soils are so nutrient dense that there’s no need to add any nitrogen fertilizers. But a good quality liquid plant food can be a great addition to your plants’ watering schedule to help them thrive and grow strong. 

FoxFarm Liquid Plant Foods

Using liquid plant foods throughout the life of your plants can help their growth become “lush” as FoxFarm says. When you’re first planting your seedlings, Grow Big Liquid Plant Food can be a great aid in helping them go from seedlings to sprouts. To use, simply mix the plant food into the plant’s water every other watering. It’s that simple! 

As soon your plant graduates from sprout to almost bloom, it’s time to change over to feeding your plant Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food. This plant food is just as easy to use as the last, but it features a blend of fertilizer along with the plant food nutrients. Big Bloom’s success  is really in the name: it helps your plants bloom big. 

FoxFarm carries other kinds of plant foods, including their Bush Doctor Kelp Me Kelp You and Tiger Bloom. These two foods provide dense nutrition to your plants and assists them in reaching their best potential. Taylor’s Do it Center is proud to carry all of these different plant foods to help you choose what is best for your garden.