Jonathan Green offers a wide selection of products to strengthen lawns and improve grass growth as one of the leading suppliers of grass seed. Ranging between seed to soil enhancers and fertilizers, these garden and farm products are sure to keep your yard in the best condition, season long. 

Find Mag-I-Cal Plus at Your Local Taylor’s

At Taylor’s, we sell natural soil food to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to create a soil base that feeds your grass and flourishes your garden. Jonathan Green’s Mag-I-Cal Plus is a food that feeds soil microbes found in your lawn. It breaks down the inorganic and organic matter to release minerals and nutrients that ultimately feed your grass. These particular minerals and nutrients are used by the grass to create energy to feed on through the season.

Jonathan Green MAG-I-CAL Plus 18 Lb. 5000 Sq. Ft. 18% Calcium Lawn Fertilizer For Alkaline Soil Image 1

Having your soil fed with the right nutrients will ensure it looks beautiful as long as possible. When a lawn is fed with proper nutrients, it increases the absorption of nutrients, maintains the correct levels of pH, loose soil, and nourished and active microbes. Regardless of what your lawn looks like, Taylor’s has an array of Jonathan Green Mag-I-Cal Plus products for a well-nourished lawn.  These products will loosen the soil by creating porous material for water and air to penetrate. This will result in much better rooting for your grass.

Taylor’s Carries the Green-Up Weed Prevention Fertilizer

The Green-Up fertilizer is yet another Jonathan Green product to prevent the growth of unwanted grasses and weeds within your lawn. This fertilizer not only feeds your yard for three months, but it allows your grass to grow green and healthily with its release of the necessary nitrogens and nutrients. 

Jonathan Green Green-Up 15 Lb. 5000 Sq. Ft. 22-0-3 Lawn Fertilizer with Crabgrass Preventer Image 1

Green-Up prevents crabgrass growth before and after germination in your yard. Along with the control of crabgrass, it also prevents and fights off the growth of bitter grass, chickweed, henbit, spurge, and grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Black Beauty’s Grass Seed to Beautify Your Lawn

In addition to Mag-I-Cal Plus and Green-Up fertilizer, Jonathan Green also offers Black Beauty grass seed to bring your lawn to full life. Whether in full sun, partial shade or fully shaded areas, this eco-friendly grass seed offers total variety depending on your lawn’s needs.

Whether you’re fixing the bare spots, pet-damaged areas or want a more uniform lawn, Black Beauty produces quickly-germinating and adaptable grass as an-easy-repair alternative for your lawn. 

Black Beauty offers premium grass seed mixture, lawn repair, supreme grass seed blend and more to keep your lawn healthy and lush. These products offered at Taylor’s contain naturally insect-resistant grasses, heat and drought tolerance, organic lawn fertilizer and green mulch.

Testing Your Soil with Jonathan Green’s Soil pH Kit

An important duty that is often overlooked for homeowners is the pH level of your lawn’s soil. To determine the health of your yard, whether your soil is high or low in pH, it’s necessary to have a testing kit to determine the overall acidity. 

Luckily, we sell Jonathan Green’s pH testing kit to help you keep your lawn as healthy as possible. Use these kits to determine the acidity levels of your soil. If it is too acidic or too alkaline (basic), it won’t be able to absorb nutrients properly and can damage plant roots, preventing healthy growth.

Jonathan Green offers two soil pH test kits. Whether you want the Soil pH Test Kit with one test tube, one pH range color chart and one capsule of powder, or the Pro pH & Moisture Soil Tester for a high-quality testing tool, the options are plentiful for an accurate reading in five and two minutes, respectively.

If you want to keep your grass as fresh as possible, check out more of Jonathan Green products at your local Taylor’s! Get in touch with us today!