How to Keep the Bugs Away This Summer

Ants, flies, grubs, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks all have one thing in common: they become their peskiest in the summertime. While these pests can negatively affect your summer fun, they can also cause damage to your family’s health, your home, and your gardens.

There are important preventative steps you can take to ensure your family's safety this summer. We’ve compiled five tips and tricks to keep those pesky pests away and protect the people you love most.

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Keep Your Family Safe

Ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas are all parasites that not only leave uncomfortable bug bites on your skin but can even transfer bloodborne pathogens that can cause your family and pets to become very ill.  With Lyme disease on the rise this year, you want to be sure you’re taking every precautionary measure to keep your family healthy.

To start, we’d recommend spraying your yard with a tick and flea prevention spray to keep these pests out of your yard. A great spray option is Enforcer Tick & Flea Killer which keeps fleas, mosquitoes, deer ticks, fire ants, cockroaches, ants, crickets, and scorpions out of your yard.

If you have a known issue of pests in your yard, spraying can still be a great option for getting those insects out. While you’re in the process of clearing your yard of bugs, we recommend using bug spray whenever your family is in the yard. Bug spray is a great household necessity for protecting your family.

For your fur babies, using a flea and tick treatment, like ZoGuard Plus, can help prevent your pets from catching any illnesses or bringing those pests indoors.

Clear Your Household of Pests

Unfortunately, those pesky insects often find their way inside. If your home is infested with ants, fleas, or other pests, you want to be sure that you clear your home of these insects in a safe way.

If your home has an ant problem, Terro Liquid Ant Baits are you’re a great solution. These stations bait ants into carrying the sweet Terro liquid back to their nest, which destroys their entire colony. This is a very effective way of getting ants out of your home.

For other home infestations (like fleas) we’d recommend an indoor fogger. This will release an insect-killing fog throughout your home. Be sure no one is inside when you release these foggers as they can be harmful if inhaled —but after four hours, your home will be clear of the fog and free of insects too.

Uninvite Those Pesky BBQ guests

Nothing ruins a summer cookout like a pack of mosquitoes. There are a lot of different ways you can keep those (and other insects) far away from your summer fun. A great way to add to your patio decor while also repelling mosquitoes is to use a mosquito repellent fuel in your tiki torches. If tiki torches aren’t your thing, try a mosquito lamp to keep your backyard free of mosquitoes.

 You can also use Mosquito Dunks, which are little tablets that dissolve in water and prevent mosquito larvae from developing around your water source for 30 days or more. These dunks are safe for use in fish habitats, so they are great to use in fish ponds, but can also be used in flower pots, tree holes, bird baths, and more.

Help Your Garden Thrive

Gardening can bring your family many benefits, like fresh fruits and vegetables, so it can be frustrating when pests harm your crops. Thankfully, there are a lot of safe pesticides that can be used on your garden that won’t affect the taste (or safety) of your crops. We recommend Safer Tomato and Vegetable spray, or if you’re interested in an organic spray, Epsoma Organic Insect Killer is a great option.

Protect Your Flower bed

It isn’t just your family and friends that need protection from those pesky insects, but your flower bed does too! Summer flowers are such a wonderful part of the season — don’t let them be ruined by insect damage.

 An easy way to prevent insects from affecting your flower bed is to use a fertilizer that nourishes and protects your flowers from insect harm. You can also use an insect spray that is gentle and safe to use on flowers, such as the Ortho Insect Killer for Roses and Flowers.

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Hopefully, these five tips will help you have a great summer free of pests and insects. If you ever have any questions, stop by one of our eleven locations around Hampton Roads to have one our experts help you find the best insect repellent for your home, yard, or garden.

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