The BBQ Must-Haves for All Your Summer Cookouts

Summertime is known for more than just beach days and sunscreen — it’s also known for cookouts, parties, and BBQs where all of your family and friends gather around the grill and indulge in delicious foods and games.

If you plan to host a cookout this summer, you know how much goes into ensuring your guests are well-fed and entertained. With our list of BBQ must-haves, your cookout will be stress-free, easy to plan, and enjoyable for you and your friends.

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The Center of the BBQ: The Grill

If you don’t have a grill, you’ll definitely want to invest in one for your cookout. Not only does the grill allow you to cook outside with your guests but a grill will give your food that summertime flavor. If you’re in the market for a new (maybe even your first!) grill this summer, we have a few of our favorites for you to consider.

First, the Big Green Egg provides grillers with “The Ultimate Cooking Experience” and because it is a combination of a kamado grill, charcoal smoker, and ceramic grill, The Big Green Egg allows you to grill, roast, slow-cook, smoke, and even bake. Another great grilling brand to consider is Weber. With their latest GS4 grilling system, your grill will feature infinity ignition, high performance burners, and even flavorizer bars.

Another leader in the grilling industry are the Napoleon grills. Their Prestige Pro line offers a variety of features such as SafetyGlow control knobs, integrated beverage holders, and even side burners.  Of course, all of the grills we sell at Taylor’s Do It Center come in a variety of sizes so you can easily find the perfect sized grill for your cookout.

The Flavor

A grill will naturally give your food a smoky flavor, but to really wow your family’s taste buds, you’ll want to check out some BBQ sauces and marinades. Add great flavor and taste to all your meals with a wide selection of Ashman sauces and marinades. Then, compliment the meal with the all-natural goodness of Troyer’s preserved fruits, vegetables, and relishes! Taylor’s has a great selection and something for every taste — you’ll be able to find the exact flavor your recipes require.

If you aren’t interested in a BBQ sauce, we recommend trying out a flavorful rub, such as On Top Of It All Dry Rub or Virginia Coastal’s Premium Steak Rub and Poultry Rub. These are a great way to add spices and unique flavors without it being overly saucey.

The Entertainment

Of course conversations and music will all naturally add a positive atmosphere to your big BBQ, but nothing brings people together like good ole competition. Whether it’s horseshoes, Croquet, or Badminton, an outdoor game will get your guests up off their feet and fully entertained.

Our favorite outdoor game for cookouts is definitely Cornhole. A crowd favorite, cornhole is as entertaining to play as it is to watch. And with easy-to-carry handles and folding legs, you can easily take this game with you to your friend’s cookouts too.

The Drink Station

Since most cookouts occur underneath the heat of the summer sun, it’s important that you and your guests stay hydrated. And since your refrigerator will most likely be filled with delicious side dishes and desserts, we recommend getting a cooler to store your favorite drinks in.

Investing in a Yeti Cooler is a great option for your BBQ drink station. Not only are Yeti’s top performing in the cooler industry, they will undoubtedly keep your ice frozen and your drinks cold throughout your entire event. And with a large variety of color options, you will definitely be able to find a Yeti that fits your style.

The Shade

While many people enjoy the heat of the sunshine in the summer, some of your guests will appreciate a little shade. If your backyard is especially sunny, consider purchasing an outdoor patio umbrella. If you have a patio table already and it doesn’t have an umbrella stand, don’t worry! These outdoor patio umbrellas stand on their own, which can be a great alternative to having to by a new table that has an umbrella.

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Summer is the perfect time to host parties with your family and friends, and if your goal is to have the ultimate BBQ, definitely consider adding these cookout must-haves to your next event. As always, we’re available at Taylor’s Do It Center to help you choose the perfect cookout essentials for your next BBQ. Find a location near you today!

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