Top Eight Things to Bring to a Tailgate

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Tailgating has become a staple part of fall and football season. With delicious food, fun games, and your favorite drinks—it’s no wonder why tailgating parties are so popular. No matter if you’re hosting or attending a tailgate party, there are essentials that you will want to bring. We’ve compiled a list of the top eight things every tailgate needs.

1. A Grill

There’s no better way to cook hot and delicious foods than with a grill. If you’re worried about traveling with your grill, consider investing in a portable one. We recommend Napoleon’s TravelQ Portable Gas Grill. This grill features 285 square inches of grilling space, meaning you can grill up to 18 large hamburgers at once, which is perfect for a tailgating party. Of course, traveling with your own grill is another option. If you’re in the market for a new grill, check out some of our other favorite brands such as Big Green Egg and Weber.

2. Food to Grill

There are so many different kinds of foods that become even more delicious when grilled. Meat is almost always the star dish at a tailgating party and there are so many different ideas to cook. From hamburgers to hot dogs to grilled chicken, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to cook your family and friends a delicious meal of grilled meat. And if you or your friends are a vegetarian, a grill is still a great option for cooking their entree. Consider grilling corn, black bean burgers, or fresh veggies.

3. Flavorful Condiments

The secret to any delicious meal is the spices, sauces, and condiments. To make sure your meat is nicely flavored, we recommend using a good spice rub. Other great options include Ashman’s sauces and marinades that come in so many different varieties. So no matter what kind of food you’re grilling, these sauces and marinades will give your guests the tailgating flavor they're looking for.

4. Drinks

Arguably the most important part of a tailgating party is the drinks. You’ll want to supply your guests with a variety of drinks from beer, to soda, to water, and you’ll want to be sure you have plenty to go around. Whether you’re the host or not, a great thing to bring to a tailgate party is a Tervis Tumbler. Many of these tumblers can help you represent your team by having your team’s mascot or logo on them. Spirited Tervis Tumblers make the perfect drinkware for a tailgating party.

5. Ice and Coolers

When it’s a beautiful hot, fall day and you’re standing outside of a sports venue for hours—you cannot forget the ice. More importantly, you need to have a way to keep that ice as frozen as possible. Nothing will do that better than a Yeti Cooler. These top performing coolers have a Fatwall™ design with up to two inches of Permafrost™ insulation, meaning your ice and your drinks will stay cold longer than your tailgating party. Yeti makes tumblers too and with a variety of colors, you’re sure to love carrying it around the party.

6. Games

Another staple for a tailgating party are the outdoor games. Most people enjoy corn hole or Lasso Toss, but there are a lot of other great options for your tailgating party. So if you’re tired of corn hole or other common tailgating games, consider bringing Paddleball, Horseshoes, or WIFFLEBALL along. Any of these outdoor games are sure to keep your guests entertained. And hey, tossing a football back and forth is always a good way to get your guests excited for the game.

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7. Easy-to-Carry Chairs

While tailgating parties are a lot of fun, you’ll definitely want a place to sit and relax (especially since you and your friends will be on your feet cheering during the game). You’ll be much more comfortable bringing a few chairs along to the party. We recommend a foldable chair (something like a camping chair or beach chair) that will be easy to carry. These chairs are meant to be portable, so they will be easy to take with you!  

8. Trash bags

Last but not least, you never want to forget trash bags for a tailgating party. When it’s game time and your tailgating party is over, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up. Trash bags, especially the heavy duty ones, are crucial for making your clean-up session a breeze. We recommend also bringing along paper plates, paper towels, and plastic utensils to keep cleaning time down as well.


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Whether the invites are pouring in for tailgating season or you're planning your own, be sure that you have all eight of these tailgating essentials to make sure your party is a success. And if you ever need help planning the tailgating party, come visit us at Taylor’s Do it Center. We have eleven locations around Hampton Roads and we’d love to help you with any tailgating item you need.

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