How to Paint Your Home’s Interior During the Winter


As it gets colder outside, many of us can’t wait for spring and summer to grace us with warm weather. And with that warm weather comes home improvement projects. Now’s the time when you start preparing your schedule with projects you’ve been putting off, like replacing the leaky pipe in the kitchen or finally building that outdoor vegetable garden. While your spring and summer project schedule may be packed, there’s no reason you can’t start on one project this winter season: painting your home’s interior

While most projects around your home are ideal in warmer weather and longer days, painting a room is best done in the cold weather. 

In this blog post, We’ll detail why you should paint around your home during January and February. We’re here to help you plan ahead so you can paint the room of your dreams. 

Take Advantage of the Winter Season 

It makes sense that most homeowners try to squeeze as many home improvement projects as possible during the spring and summer months. The days are long, the weather is nice, and there’s less of a chance the weather stops your progress. 

While fall and winter may not be ideal for most projects, it does offer advantages when it comes to painting rooms inside your home. 

Not Affected By Weather 

No matter how early the sun goes down or how much snow is on the ground, you can still paint inside. Being in your home protects you and your work from the outside elements. Plus, you can work long into the night with the help of electricity! 

No Humidity 

While many homeowners try to paint during the summer, that time of year can actually make the process take longer. Thanks to Virginia’s humidity, the moisture makes the paint take longer to dry, extending your project even longer. 

Luckily, the dry winter air speeds up this process, making most interior painting jobs a fairly smooth process. 

Unclog Your Summer 

The worst part about putting off home projects until the warmer months is that you lose out on time to relax and enjoy the seasons. By painting your home around the winter, you can take a couple of items off your list. 

That way, you can spend less time working around your house and more living in your home.

Picking the Right Color 

As you begin to plan your painting schedule, you’ll probably start to nail down exactly what colors, tones, and styles you want for your various rooms. Whether you’ve been planning your dream aesthetic your whole life or have been struck with inspiration, it’s never a bad idea to look at your options. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to easily and efficiently choose the best colors for your home. 

Search Online 

If you don’t know where to start or want to double-check your options, the internet has your back. Every year home improvement and DIY websites release paint color trends for the year, letting you know what’s in vogue. You can also scour Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, getting inspiration from your friends, family, and perhaps some influencers. 

See What’s Available Locally 

While you can scour the internet for every color combo imaginable, it’s nice to narrow down your options. Visiting your local hardware store is a good way to physically see color samples, along with bringing color cards home to test them against your walls. 

This will give you a chance to talk with an associate and get their expert advice on interior painting. 

Utilize Technology from Our Do it Best Brand 

If you’re already online, why not check out colors from named brands? Many of these paint providers, like Do it Best Quality, use new technology to make the color choice process easier than ever. 

Simply go here to see how a wide variety of colors look in common rooms and styles. You can even upload your own photos and use their accessible tools to see how the paint will look in your own room! 

While finding the perfect color for your room can be stressful, there are plenty of tools out there to make the process a little easier. 

Last Preparations 

With all of your planning and color choosing done, it’s time for the final steps. Before you begin any interior painting projects, make sure to check these off your list. 

Have the Right Tools 

Interior painting requires the right tools. Here’s a basic list of painting tools you’ll need: 

Not sure which paintbrush is best for your home painting project? Check out this Taylor’s article for more information on choosing the best-suited paintbrush! 

Have Enough Paint 

While this might seem obvious, it’s easy to overlook while you’re planning for everything else. The general rule is to have 1 gallon for every 400 square feet

Even better, plenty of paint providers now have paint calculators on their websites. This way you can find exactly how much paint you need for any room in your house. 

Prepare The Room 

Before you put even a drop of paint on your wall, you need to make sure your room is ready to be painted. This requires using some of those tools you bought and protecting your furniture. Here are our top tips to prepare your room: 

  1. Move your furniture either out of the room or into the center of the room, depending on how much space you have in your house. 
  2. Use your drop cloths to cover the floor and furniture. This will protect them from any rogue paint droplets. 
  3. Apply painter’s tape to the edges and corners of your room. Make sure to get the baseboards and frames of your windows and doors. Once you’re finished, you can easily remove the tape without spreading any unnecessary paint. 
  4. Remove any electrical outlets and switches from the wall while also covering them in painter’s tape. The last thing you need is any paint getting in your home’s internal wiring. 
  5. Last but not least, make sure to clean your walls to remove any dust or dirt. We recommend a mixture of mild detergent and water to be applied with a cellulose sponge. This keeps any bumps and air bubbles from permanently showing up on your freshly painted walls. 

Look for the Best Help 

Now that you have the tools and the knowledge, it’s time to get to work before the winter season is over. Now is the time to create your dream room and live the rest of the year in style! If you need help finding any paint colors or tools, be sure to visit Taylor’s Do it Center online or in person. We carry the best brands of paint and paint equipment, like Do it Best Quality.

Whether you’re painting walls or painting cabinets, our friendly and experienced associates are always happy to help with any projects around your home. 

For all your interior painting and home improvement needs, visit Taylor’s Do it Center at one of our locations throughout Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and Moyock, NC.