8 Affordable Ways to Give Your Backyard a Makeover


Outdoor living is one part of warmer weather that most families look forward to during these spring months. From patios, to decks, to screen rooms—there are endless ways to get fresh air at home. 

But perfecting the outside space can often feel like a chore (and an expensive one at that. This is why we’ve come up with 8 ways to spruce up your yard and give your outdoor living space an affordable makeover. 

Use an Outdoor Cleaner 

Odds are, your outdoor space could use a good cleaning from winter. While a pressure washer is a great option to clean those surfaces, we also suggest using a mold and mildew cleaner. These target dirt and grime and can refresh almost any outdoor surface. We love to recommend 30 seconds Outdoor Cleaner, which is very effective and much more affordable than powerwashing. 

Mulch Around Your Yard

Taking the time to add mulch around your trees, shrubs, and walkways can be an easy way to elevate your yard space. Scotts Naturescapes offers three different color options to customize your yard. Mulch is also an essential moisture locking component to most gardens, so be sure to include mulch around the base of any plant in a flower or vegetable garden.

Upgrade Your Patio Furniture 

Buying the right seating for your patio or porch can be overwhelming at times. We’ve tried to simplify this process for our customers by creating our Outdoor Expressions catalog. This catalog showcases all of our patio sets, umbrellas, pool lounge chairs, dining sets, and more in one place for you to see your options before making a choice. 

Add a Firepit 

Firepits are a great addition to any outdoor living space because they provide great entertainment (and warmth) throughout the warm and chillier months. There are a ton of different firepits on the market right now, from traditional wood burning pits to propane firepits that double as a patio table, too. Both are great options to create a space that can be used in the warm and cold months. 

Hang a Few Plants

Adding hanging plants or flowers to your porch or backyard space can make your yard feel even cozier. Not only are these aesthetically beautiful, but they are a great way to add color or life to a yard in an instant. At Taylors, we have a wide variety of hanging plant options for your yard. Stop by one of our eleven locations to check out our supply! We even have upscale hanging baskets for you to consider as well. 

Invest in a New Grill

Your grill is arguably the center of any BBQ and upgrading your outdoor cooking space can be exactly the makeover your space needs. Some of our favorites to recommend include Weber Grills and Big Green Egg. If you’re in the market for a new grill, don’t forget to sign up for our Best Rewards program to earn money back on your purchase (and other great rewards!). We give back $10 for every 250 points, so if you purchased a $1,000 grill, you could receive $40 back from us to spend on accessories. You definitely won’t want to miss out on those points! Click here to sign up for free. 

Plant a Garden

Gardens are not only an aesthetic way to spruce up your backyard, but they are incredibly beneficial. While flower gardens can brighten up a space, a vegetable garden can bring fresh food to your dinner table which is another bonus to consider. 

Either way, we’ve got tips and tricks to help your garden succeed. Check out our blogs Which Vegetables to Plant in April or What Annuals Should I Plant in My Yard?, both of which will help you start your spring garden off strong. 

Keep the Bugs Away 

One of the most important ways to make sure you enjoy your new outdoor space is to keep pests out of the area. While mosquitos and ticks are just slowly starting to come out in the spring, getting a tick and mosquito killer early in the season will help you maintain control as ticks and mosquitos peak in the area. 

● ● ●

We hope these tips were helpful as you begin to fix your yard up for the coming warm weather. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to stop by and see us at one of our eleven locations! We love to help you perfect your home, indoors and out.