An essential part of lawn care is growing grass, which helps to not only hide the soil and dirt, but can add to the style of your home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to grow grass seeds just right, with plenty of room for error for those just starting out.

To help grass growers, no matter their experience, Taylor’s Do it Center has developed an exclusive grass seed designed for Virginia homes.

Introducing Virginia’s Choice Grass Seed. These seeds were developed in Oregon and tested in five different state co-ops to find the best fertilizer and technologies to stimulate growth in Virginia soil. Infused with Opti-Root and Aquawise technologies, these seeds make it easier than ever to grow grass for your home.

If you still feel unsure about planting these seeds, here are some helpful growing tips and how Virginia’s Choice makes this process even easier.

1. Prepare Your Lawn 

This may seem obvious, but make sure that your lawn is ready for planting. This means you should clear your lawn furniture or ornaments, along with moving any sticks or rocks out of the way. By doing this, you set up a clear area for the grass to freely grow without any obstacles.

We also recommend checking your soil’s pH levels. Virginia’s Choice seeds may be designed for Virginia’s soil and climate, but that doesn’t mean your soil can’t be harmful by being too acidic or alkaline. This article details how to test your soil’s pH levels

2. Using Fertilizer 

Usually, it’s recommended that you use fertilizer to make sure your grass seeds are getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and properly grow. Luckily, Virginia’s Choice seeds already have fertilizer, making this step optional for dedicated green thumbs. Adding fertilizer will not hurt your Virginia’s Choice grass seeds, as they mainly stimulate growth, keeping the seeds healthy throughout their life cycle.

3. Proper Planting  

When it comes to actually planting the seeds in the ground, you need to make sure they’re properly spread around the area. No matter how good your grass seeds are, they still won’t look right if they grow in uneven patches or restrictive lines.

This is why we recommend using a spreader, either a handheld one for smaller yards, or a full-sized lawn spreader to cover larger areas. These tools efficiently spread out the seeds, making it easier for you to use a rake to bury them a quarter inch into the soil. 

Scotts Next Generation Handheld Spreader Image 1 Precision 100 Lb. Broadcast Push Fertilizer Spreader Image 1

4. Watering Your Yard

When watering your grass seeds, it’s important to keep a consistent schedule with moderation. Grass requires a substantial amount of water everyday. Make sure you moderate the water levels because you can drown the seeds if you use too much water, or dry them out if you don’t water them enough. You should invest in a water sprinkler so you can make sure the grass is given the perfect amount of water everyday. 

Element 5/8 In. Dia. x 25 Ft. L. Drinking Water Safe Sprinkler Hose Image 1

Virginia’s Choice grass seeds have Aquawise technology, which helps the seeds to conserve water. This means you can save water by using less of it, and you also won’t be severely punished for forgetting to tend to your grass for a few days. 

Now that you know the basic to growing grass on your lawn, it’s time to get planting. Taylor’s Do-It Center is the exclusive seller of Virginia’s Choice grass seeds. We’re here and ready to answer any questions you may have about the seeds or about tending to your lawn. Get in touch with us, today!